biliary cirrhosis

biliary cirrhosis
담관간경화, 담관간경화증

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  • biliary cirrhosis — n cirrhosis of the liver due to inflammation or obstruction of the bile ducts resulting in the accumulation of bile in and functional impairment of the liver * * * cirrhosis caused by obstruction or infection of major extrahepatic or intrahepatic …   Medical dictionary

  • secondary biliary cirrhosis — biliary cirrhosis resulting from chronic bile obstruction, such as with congenital atresia or stricture of bile ducts …   Medical dictionary

  • Primary biliary cirrhosis — Classification and external resources Micrograph of primary biliary cirrhosis showing bile duct inflammation and injury. H E stain …   Wikipedia

  • acholangic biliary cirrhosis — a type of cirrhosis seen in children up to 12 years old, due to complete or partial agenesis of the interlobular bile ducts, with manifestations similar to those in obstructive biliary cirrhosis …   Medical dictionary

  • primary biliary cirrhosis — a type of cirrhosis with an unknown etiology, now known to be unrelated to biliary cirrhosis; it usually affects middle aged to elderly women and involves destruction of small intrahepatic bile ducts while the major intrahepatic and extrahepatic… …   Medical dictionary

  • Xanthomatous biliary cirrhosis — (also known as Obstructive liver disease ) is a condition in which there is hyperlipoproteinemia due to liver disease resulting in plane xanthomas.[1]:534 See also Skin lesion References ^ James, William D.; Berger, Timothy G.; et al. (2006).… …   Wikipedia

  • Cirrhosis — Classification and external resources A person with massive ascites and caput medusae due to cirrhotic liver failure ICD 10 K …   Wikipedia

  • cirrhosis — Endstage liver disease characterized by diffuse damage to hepatic parenchymal cells, with nodular regeneration, fibrosis, and disturbance of normal architecture; associated with failure in the function …   Medical dictionary

  • cirrhosis — n. a condition in which the liver responds to injury or death of some of its cells by producing interlacing strands of fibrous tissue between which are nodules of regenerating cells. The liver becomes tawny and characteristically knobbly (due to… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Biliary atresia — Congenital absence or closure of the major bile ducts, the ducts that drain bile from the liver. Biliary atresia results in a progressive inflammatory process which may lead to cirrhosis of the liver. The infant looks normal at birth but develops …   Medical dictionary

  • Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) — A liver disease caused by an abnormality of the immune system. Small bile ducts within the liver become inflamed and obliterated. Backup of bile causes intense skin itching and yellowing of the skin (jaundice). Lack of bile decreases absorption… …   Medical dictionary

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